A technical department dedicated to mechanical and industrial engineering

We support our customers in the management and / or the package from our offices by offering proposals on the projects they entrust to us mainly in the aerospace and automotive sectors as well as industry in general.

Based on virtual reality, our numerical modeling skills allow us to support companies, in the development of their product, from the preproject stage to the mechanical performances specifications using the latest computational standards that are in force.


As technical experts in engineering, we study the issues related to quality, production costs and delivery times.


We provide digital simulation services to ensure mechanical performance of the product.


We offer professional training to strengthen and improve the technical expertise of your teams.

Based on the customers specifications and in partnership with a network of manufacturers, we offer a turnkey service integrating project management, quality control, the cost of production and delivery times.

Our skills

Based on a digital potential adapted to your needs.

Innovate   Design   Organize   Resize


SARL Aquitaine Analyse de Structures is a technical design office created by a team of engineers in 2015. Its activity feeds the mechanical trades on both the design aspects of industrial products and structural calculations. This ensures quality and safety in use. Based on this dual expertise, its technical department is able to support any company wanting to perform an analysis of the value of any type of product in the context of a re-design or optimization of production costs, which is aimed ensuring a better return on investment.


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