Technical experts in engineering, our skills in the design of mechanical systems and our experiences in various sectors of high value-added activities allows us to control the industrial stakes related to the quality, the cost of production and data the delivery time.

For more flexibility, we can accompany our customers à la carte or with a package in :

  • The development of a functional specification according to their needs.

  • The design of basic parts and / or a complete system by the use of digital model.

  • The automation of design processes through the development of tools (macro CATscripts / VBA) and / or the implementation of methodologies guaranteeing the quality of deliverables.

  • Using laser scanning, we can realize BIM digital models containing the structure of the building, the networks and their supports, the cable trays and the equipment to facilitate works preparations for one or several zone(s) .

  • Retro-Design of sets with or without 3D scanning to recreate CAD files that can be used in a digital chain or used as a support for manufacturing.

  • Drafting of technical documents (User manual / assembly plan / 2D definition plan).

From 3D modeling to prototype production,
we improve the quality of your product
while controlling your R & D investment cost

The simulation offers a better multiphysical understanding of the product
through a realistic digital model that meets the functional specifications and is state of the art.

Our skills

Based on a digital potential adapted to your needs.

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